Day 308- Made some new friends!

We found some new friends today. They rolled in from Phoenix in a Motorhome today and where just 2 sites away from us. Conversations ensued (at a safe distance) and next thing you know we were trading RV traveling stories around a firepit. We stayed on one side and they stayed on the other (keeping our 6 foot distance) and we laughed for over an hour at the crazy stuff that happens on the road and how we always manage to get through it.

Jason and Nancy have a son named Hudson that is a couple years older than Luke. The kids spoke a little and the adults had a blast.

They stopped all open fires here at Flagstaff and took all of the campsite firepits away. The fire department said that due to the Coronavirus they are short handed and could battle a forest fire right now. So, wood burning fires are no longer a thing. However, they told us that propane firepits are OK. So, we pulled our propane firepit out and had a great evening around the fire getting to know some fellow Arizonians.

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