Day 305- Just another Monday in Flagstaff

Sometimes I shake my head when I see May on the calendar. It’s been such a weird 2 months since we arrived in Flagstaff on March 5th. Tomorrow will be our two month anniversary in this town. We got about 10 days to explore Flagstaff before everything shut down and we are so looking forward to continuing our adventure in the coming weeks.

As the country starts to loosen restrictions, we are hoping to start moving again. It would be really nice to see a few more places before we settle down in our new home for the winter.

No matter what we will be back on the road come springtime but, I really wanted to see Zion, Bryce, Canyonlands, Yellowstone and Yosemite before the winter hits. It may be an abbreviated trip but, I know we will get a few more stops in before the end of the summer.

The warm days in Flagstaff brought out the leaves, the green grass and lots of nature’s creatures coming out of everywhere. Jenn and I saw a snake on the trails a few days ago, lots of salamanders, beatles, squirrels, rabbits, jack rabbits and birds. The deer seem to have stopped coming down the mountain. I’m not sure if they like the cooler air ar higher altitudes or if they simply don’t like all the new hikers on the trails. It might be a combination of the two. Jenn and I miss seeing them and might take another shot at the peak to see if they are up there.

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