Day 304- Sunday

The warm weather has hit Flagstaff. It just keeps warming up here. Today it warmed up to 80 degrees for the first time since we arrived. We have noticed that the weekends here bring a lot of people from Phoenix that are escaping the 100 degree weather down there in the desert.

We are also seeing people from California that are trying to escape the lockdown. I understand their desire to be here and at the same time, I wish they would “stay in place” as the state order for Arizona and California both request. I know why the Coronavirus is killing more people in the US than anywhere else. Many people feel they are above the law and just do as they please. We’ll enough of my ranting.

These beautiful days in Falgstaff and awesome and it still drops to 55 degrees at night. This makes for great sleeping and the cool crisp air is extremely refreshing every morning.

We setup our home inspection today and a termite inspection and a radon inspection. I never even new radon testing was a thing or even knew what it was. Apparently Flagstaff sits on an old volcancic crater and in certain spots radon seeps up through cracks in the ground. Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas. It’s produced when uranium, thorium, and radium break down in soil, rock, and water. It’s then released into the air and is known to be the second leading cause of lung cancer in America. So, I’m having that tested to avoid dying young in my new home. If it tests positive, maybe I can open a nuclear power plant. 💥🌋

My tooth has been hurting me all day today and I’m feeling uncertain about visiting a dentist during this pandemic. I really hope the pain goes away. It might just be my sinuses which haven’t been 100% since we hit this dry air. I’ll give you an update on that tomorrow.

One thought on “Day 304- Sunday

  1. My tooth was hurting at the start of all this too, but thankfully some flossing did the trick. Sometimes you just have something caught in there somewhere. Hope you feel better soon either way!


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