Day 302- It’s Friday!

It’s Friday. Remember when Fridays were exciting. Its the weekend and I can hang with my friends and family. Well, guess what? It’s the weekend and you can hang with your family. Haha. (Or anyone else you are locked down with.) I got excited with Jenn while driving to get groceries and shouted, “Whoooo…It’s Friday!” and she just looked at me like whats wrong with you?

I need to make each day exciting or it just doesn’t feel right. I live life from a very happy place. I have a great outlook on everything and can’t help but, find something good about the lockdown. Like I tell everybody when they ask how I’m doing, “I just keep smiling! I’m living the dream.”

We raised our offer on the house today and will most likely find out if they accept it by tomorrow.

Caitlin had a massive wreck on her hoverboard today and she is icing it down. No broken bones!

Talk to you tomorrow.

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