Day 301!

Today we put the offer on a really nice home I told you about on Tuesday. The real estate market in Flagstaff is tight. There aren’t many homes for sale here. So, when a nice house goes on the market you need to jump on it. I’ve got my real estate apps giving me constant notifications when anything new pops up or if a home gets reduced in price etc. This house came up Tuesday and we did a drive by to check it out. Then we setup a walk through which went well. Everyone loves the house and there are a few kids in the neighborhood. We liked a lot about the house and loved the openness of the neighborhood with every home on about 2 acres.

We should find out in a few days if our offer was accepted. Cross your fingers for us.

Jenn and I ordered hoverboards for the kids about a week ago and they arrived today. We are constantly looking for ways to get the kids off their iPads and Playstation so, hoverboards seemed like a good call. We didn’t have cool stuff like hoverboards growing up and I think all the running was good for me but, I’ll give in a little in order to get the kids outside.

The kids need the fresh air and we need them outside releasing all there energy. They love the hoverboards and Caitlin, in particular, is really great at balancing herself on the board. Jenn and I tried them out and we can both manage on them but, we don’t hit top speed like the kids do. I feel much safer on skis or a snowboard then on the hoverboard. Caitlin and Sydney had already been in 2-3 accidents before the day ended. Skinned knees, banged up hips and a slightly sprained wrist happened very fast. Now we have the rollerblade pads and wrist guards on them and they might live to see another day. Lol

Jenn and I have been taking our daily hikes and they really help to clear the head and reset us before dinner every night. As the lockdown wears on we feel the stress of 5 people living in 400 sq feet. Sometimes you need to take a walk. We are working on not losing it before this lockdown ends. 😨

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