Day 300 Special guest blogger!

You’d never guess but it’s day 300 so I’m writing, and by I, I’m talking about Luke, don’t know how I got roped into doing this but I will except it and have some fun writing this and really try my best for day 300!

Lately I’ve been having some good and bad days. The good days are golfing and playing frisbee but my sisters have been really bothering me, they are younger than me so I understand it but their just really hard, they are really picky and just cry over everything and in a small RV it’s almost impossible to just leave them alone, I’m also am starting to miss my friends again, I haven’t seen any of my friends in over 4 months and I haven’t seen my cousin in 8 months.

Other than those 2 things I’m doing great. We have been doing a lot of house shopping lately too. We have found a new house and put down an offer, we are just waiting for a response at this point. I’m really hoping we get it because I’m am so sick of this small space.

It’s also really hard not going places in an RV, my mom may have already said this but living in an RV all you want to do is go places, like go out to eat once a week or go bowling, like for my birthday I was gonna play laser tag but we had to cancel it because of the virus. We are all staying occupied though!

I’m really liking writing every 50 days I just can’t believe it’s been 300 days. Time really does fly it’s crazy, like it’s almost been a full year it feels crazy in way.

That’s gonna rap up day 300 and my appearance. I will come back around in 50 days or who knows, if there’s a big event I might write earlier than that!

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