Day 299- Tuesday!!!!

Another day, another house. We didn’t move forward with the home in Walnut Meadows and we also passed on the home on the Continental golf course, after realizing all the work that home needed. Today we visited a home outside of town on 2.3 acres. Thats right, you heard me correctly, 2.3 acres. The home is very large and included a playroom downstairs with a pingpong table, pool table and a shuffleboard table. Wow, thats a lot of fun for one room. We loved the home and are putting in another offer to see if we can lock this in. This home is about 8 minutes from the Continental golf club and maybe 15 minutes to downtown Flagstaff. So, its just outside of town but, still close to everything. Wish us luck with this one.

We keep looking at one house after another and we keep learning more and more about what type of home we want. This last home hit the nail on the head.

Our plan is to buy a home and ride out this pandemic. Then we can resume our trip with a home base in Flagstaff. We have so many places to visit that are only a few hours from here. Our immediate circle includes the petrified forest, Sedona, Scottsdale, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Glen Canyon Damn, Hover Damn, Antelope Canyon, Zion and Bryce. All of these places are between 1-3 hours from us. If you open up the circle to 6 hours we could see Lake Tahoe, California, The Canyonlands, Monument Valley and a good portion of Colorado. There’s also Albuquerque and Santa Fe NM if we get bored. LoL.

So, we are working on solidifying a place to stay for the winter and then we’ll restart our adventure. (Asuming the roads, parks and campgrounds reopen before the summer passes us by.)

I’ll send you an update tomorrow on that new house.

2 thoughts on “Day 299- Tuesday!!!!

  1. So excited for you! I hope you get this house! Funny we were planning a trip to the Grand Canyon this July. If we decide to go, maybe we will run into you!


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