Day 298- more house shopping

Today was a fun day! I personally love Mondays. It’s a fresh start.

The kids are really getting into a routine in the morning which we love. Caitlin works on her book a rug. Sydney stays in bed for a bit before getting up and starting her work- she say she likes to stay that way- and Luke plays with his cousin, Jake, on the PS4 and spends time connecting and having fun thing every morning!!

We woke up to find out our offer was not accepted and the owners want full price. We don’t think the house is worth what the were asking so we explained that to the kids and decided to move on. We didn’t really love it anyway. We liked it and as Joe said it “checked a lot of boxes” off our list.

We realized from this experience that Joe and I really have to love what we buy and not just make it all about the kids which is so easy to do. They are being amazing sports on this trip and we want to be sure they feel heard and respected for their thoughts and feelings.

Then THIS happened Monday afternoon!

This 2.3 acre house popped up on the market and we love it. Joe and I drove by it to check out the neighborhood and the land that comes with the house. We were enamored. It even has a horse stable for Caitlin someday!! To think we could own it made us giddy.

Next up is checking out the other houses and making sure there were some kids to play with! That’s just as important as having glorious views and a house that you can play hide and see in and not find someone for hours 😀

We got the go ahead to see the house on Tuesday with the kids!! That will be fun.

We ended our night with a movie- The Good Dinosaur. We all agreed while it was a heartwarming movie from Disney it was 90 minutes we’ll never get back in our life!

Well that’s all! We’re excited to see that potential new house tomorrow with the kids and keep moving forward with ur lives!! Joe and I say it all the time… life really is so short so let’s just keep moving forward and making decisions to better our lives and that of our kids.

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