Day 297- Sunday house offer + Jenn runs the mountain

I ran most of Fatman’s loop today for the first time. Joe and I have been walking it for 2 months working on expanding our lung capacity at such high altitudes. I woke up motivated to take it on by myself!

We also had an exciting day putting an offer on a house we all liked. The neighbor was pretty good with lots of kids but the house had a big backyard, the biggest in the neighborhood and we want that for the kids.

We drove around one more time with everyone in the car before calling our real estate agent as putting in a bid. They wanted more than we were willing to pay but we figured if they take our offer we’ll take the house and add our Edden magic to the place!

The days are all blending into one another and I’m sure you may be feeling as well. We’re just hoping this temporary stay home mandate lifts so we can enjoy the beauty that Flagstaff and Arizona in general has too offer!

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