Day 295- Friday!!

Do you ever find yourself thinking about how busy you are and laughing? For me, I don’t have to go to the office, no lawn to mow or landscaping work, no repairs to do around the house, yet I feel stressed out a bit. I’m surfing the web for a new home, checking on the stock market, seeing how the Coronavirus is doing and feeding the kids 3 meals a day.

Add in some excercise and that’s my day. Why do I feel stressed? Why does it seem like there aren’t enough hours in a day? Humm….

Today we went into town to get Jenn’s cell phone screen repaired. Yes, it cracked….someday they will find a way to make cell phone displays last forever but, today is not that day. We got the Motorhome with the marble tile floors and cell phone displays don’t like tile floors. While the phone was being repaired we hit the road and looked at another house in the co continental golf course community.

This one was not on the course 😩 but, I’m pretty sure you can see the golf course from the upstairs bedrooms. We liked the neighborhood and will take a look at the inside of the home tomorrow evening. I’ll send you all an update as soon as possible.

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