Day 296- Saturday hike + house hunting

So glad you came today Luke!

The outside temperature hit 81 degrees today. About 3 weeks ago it snowed so, we are a little blown away buy the climate changes here in Falgstaff. I’m sure we’ll get used to this weather in time. It’s also become so dry here that the campground removed all the firepits and wrapped up all the charcoal BBQ grills. I guess we won’t be making and s’mores for a while.

We decided to do a quick hike to break up the morning and Luke came. He said he’s been wanting to get back in shape because he spends so much time in the RV!

Later that day we went out to see another house. It was a great house on a block filled with kids. There were mountain biking trails all around the home on 3 sides. The home was right up against the forest (which is the best place to live in my opinion). The back yard had a large astro turf field that just screams “play”. We are going to put an offer down on this home tomorrow and see how it goes.

Sometimes it feels like “groundhogs day” and then you find a house you like and the cycle changes. We decided to break out the ice cream and celebrate after dinner. These are great days for us and we continue to enjoy everyday, even in lockdown.

Jenn and I were talking about how we ended up in Motorhome 2500 miles from New York. We just have to laugh sometimes when we think about everything we were doing at this time last year. Garage sales, selling furniture, closing my office, turning in my leased car early, moving the few items we saved into my brothers house and the rest into my sisters house, cleaning up all the loose ends and buying the motorhome. Wow that was a lot of work and we have come so far.

We actually feel like we know what we are doing in a motorhome these days. We finally nailed the homeschooling part, we saw so many cool places and our kids are enjoying the experience. It’s amazing to see how well our plan worked out and to notice that if we waited even one year, it would never have been possible during this pandemic. We feel blessed every day. On the days when everything is going sideways, we alway think about how different our life could have been if we didn’t take advantage of the opportunity, we were presented, and took the plunge.

When opportunity arises in life don’t let it pass you by.

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