Day 294- To renovate or not renovate that is the question

Today was the warmest day since we arrived in Flagstaff. It warmed up to 71 degrees and was the perfect day to get out and do something.

Jenn and I went to meet with a contractor to discuss the house we found yesterday on the Aspen country club. The contractor looked at the house and came back to us with a huge number to fix everything up. He then shared that he felt the design of the home did not flow well. All the windows and the doors needed to be replaced, both decks were shot and there was a leak in the roof. The home also had no air conditioning and opening up the kitchen to modernize the look would be extremely challenging. He suggested we keep looking and we came to realize that he was right. Sometimes, when the location is that good, you just want to make it work. In this case, we decided we had to let it go. Now that we went through the numbers we feel that this home probably needs to be knocked down and rebuilt to fix all the issues but, the amount the owners want for the home doesn’t justify that option. We’re moving on.

When we made it back to the Motorhome we all jumped on a 9 way Zoom call will all of Jenn’s cousins and other relatives. It’s the only way to stay connected with everyone these days and it was nice to see all the smiling faces. The hardest part is always when to end the call. No one wants to hang up. Who would have though we could have saved ourselves hours of traveling to see our family members by simply jumping on Zoom calls. Hahahaha……

We made it back to the campground in time to sneek in a small hike with Sydney who has been joining us on our hikes for the last few days. She likes getting out and hiking as long as we don’t over do it.

On that note, our kids miss playing with other kids and it even harder when the couple in the RV next us has a child the same age. Caitlin asked if she could just follow another girl around the campground. That’s how bad it is. Our kids are turning into stalkers. I really hope this virus winds down in the next month or two so they can play again and we can start traveling again. I miss it as much as they do.

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