Day 293- Wednesday

I’m not sure if you all noticed but, a weeks back we started putting in the “day of the week” on every post. That’s because we never know what day it is. When you don’t have anywhere to go and no options are available to make plans, the days seem to blend together like nothing I have ever experienced. Everytime we find ourselves wanting to know what day it is we are searching for a cell phone or asking Alexa. Recently, I started announcing the day of the week a few times during the morning just to remind everyone. It seems to make us all a bit more relaxed. I didn’t even realize the amount of stress that builds when your new routine doesn’t involve going to the office to meet with your staff or other co-workers. No casual discussions with your work friends and associates, no chatting at the place where you buy breakfast or grab a cup of coffee, no laughter over the little sucesses built into each day. I never really missed all of these things until I found myself in lockdown. The initial adventure we jumped into in June 2019 was so wild and fun everyday that it felt like we were perpetually on vacation. Visiting places like Lake George, Niagara Falls and Acadia National Park in Maine were so incredible and every week brought us to new and exciting places. Sitting still after experiencing so many awesome places is hard change. We can’t wait to get our trip back underway.

These days, Jenn and I created a new morning routine that incorporates stretching, meditation time, breakfast with the kids and juggling work time between us. We can’t both be on the phone at the same time or the kids never get their school work done or the noise level gets out of control. So, we rotate out and life moves on in a much more relaxed manner. Its exciting have 5 people living in a 400 sq ft motorhome.

As you all know by now, we do whatever it takes to get out everyday an do something. Today we saw a new house in the Continental Golf Club community. It turned out that the house we saw was actually on the Aspen Country Club (which is a nicer golf course than the Continental).

The entire community is made up of roughly 800 homes that are on both golf courses and each homeowner pays $50 per month towards the HOA. This includes a community swimming pool, tennis courts and reduced tee times at the Continental Golf Course. We love this area and the home we looked at today was right on the golf course. The view from the back deck was incredible and when the sun started to go down about 40 elk came out on the course to eat the grass. It was surreal.

The house itself was very old and Jenn and I looked at each other after the walkthrough. Did we want to fix up another home? We are going to talk with a contractor tomorrow to determine how much work is needed and make a decision. Love the view, hate the house. I’ll give you an update tomorrow.

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