Day 292- Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday

Today I knew I had a long day ahead of me of consults, coaching and zoom interviews!

The kids are in a great routine with getting you and doing their “thing”

Caitlin goes to hook a rug or finds something to dabble with before she starts her school work since she agree that iPad hurts her brain and affects her concentration – no joke- so she waits to play at night. Sydney is a late riser so she takes her sweet time getting up and typically doesn’t start a lot or school work till after breakfast around 9:30am! Luke gets right on his PS4 because 6am in Flagstaff is 9am in New York and his friends are all up.

We’re ok with that because Luke does a stellar job getting all his work done after he’s done and he also tutors the girls in Math daily. Did I mention he does that? He’s absolutely incredible at it and bringing them both up to grade level. They were behind after last year which didn’t exactly make me happy because I wasn’t aware of it but in the end it’s all good. It’s not that they’re not smart it’s just not their strength and Love of Learning Montessori didn’t make that a primary focus to bring them up to speed. So we’re handling it now!! There were so many bonuses to them attending LOL the last several years I got over the annoyance and decided to just take action! Luke also gets a paid every month to tutor- $50, so it’s a win win.

The night ended with short hike with Joe, Sydney and I and yet another game of Monopoly that Luke asked to play!! He swore he was going to win tonight!!! God bless his gung-ho attitude. He lost 😀 Mom and Sydney took it which was fun and for sure more laughter is always good around here!!

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