Day 291-Monday Funday!

We all kinda like Mondays which isn’t typical I know!

It’s the start of another week in the life of the Eddens living on the road. Literally.

Although right now we’re still in the same campground in Flagstaff, AZ.

We started playing hopscotch again outside and Luke made you this cool hopscotch/frisbee game that we’ve all been enjoying playing. The rain washed it away but if he creates another one with chalk I’ll snap off a pic. He really is super creative when we can tear him away from his “room”, friends and PS4. He enjoys being inside a lot and we’re being ok with that. We realize this has to be a lot on a 12 yr old boy leaving his friends, being stuck in 1 place for the last 2 months and his room being a glorified closet with his sisters living below him.

Joe and I get it so we’re giving him some wiggle room and more PS4 time with his friends than we’d allow if we were settled down and living in a “normal” amount of square footage!

Sydney asked to join us again to do Fatman’s loop! She’s a real champion. It was her second time completing the loop in its entirety like a pro. She asked if we’d buy her hiking boots because her sneakers are slippery. We agreed!

Monday ended with a fun Edden family zoom call followed my Monopoly, Jr.

We agreed to all connect every Monday now via Facebook messenger video chat so the brothers and sisters can connect. It’s really a wonderful thing!

Aaaand Luke lost again in Monopoly, Jr but the laughs never end. I told him I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time. His commentary is just off the charts. I didn’t know how funny my son really was… till now!

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