Day 290- Sunday is rest day

Sunday was super uneventful which we always love.

My biz has really taken off into a Movement so I’m enrolling and coaching more than ever and supporting the women in the Sugar Freedom Method. I couldn’t be pleased with myself!

So Sunday’s are a great time to batch cook and just hang out. I don’t even think Joe changed out of his pj’s that day and neither did Luke! It’s all good.

The weather in Flagstaff is SO interesting. We wake up to 35 degrees in the rig and by 1pm it gets up into the 60’s but because we’re 7000 feet up it’s always a little breezy and chillier than we’re used to in New York in late April!! For April 18 it’s chilly!

We are starting to treasure our late afternoon hikes alone and now Sydney is joining us much more often. It’s good times.

We’ve also been enjoying watching a few more movies. We don’t typically turn on the TV…ever… but movies have been fun to watch. We ended up watching Cars 3. Those movies always have the best endings about being a good “car”, doing their right thing and boosting others up when they feel down and out!

The night ended per usual… I read the girls a book if there is enough energy In the gas tank after a long day of being active and cooking and do a little bit of work. They’re always something to do!!

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