Day 288- Friday Friday Friday

Joe and I are finding the days are starting to blend again! It’s happening more often now that the world is in lock down.

Joe and I were laughing trying to recall what we did on Friday! We know we hiked, did one last food shop before the weekend and laid low!

The days are very much the same every day but we’re all ok with that.

Joe day trades in the morning :-D, I handle clients and work till about 1pm, the kids get there homeschooling done after breakfast and typically Luke plays on his PS4 with his cousin Jake and one of his besties Donovan for a while. The girls agreed to no screen time till the evening which I love so they take it slow in the morning, get work done and Caitlin’s been hooked back (no pun intended) on her hook a rug her friend, Imogen, gave her when she last visited NY in September 2019.

We’ve been playing more games at night and it’s been super fun and funny. Luke’s been on this losing streak in Monopoly Jr., and not only does he NOT like to lose but when he does the funniest things come out of his mouth!

It’s been an absolutely hoot every night!

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