Day 287-Flagstaff please warm up!

Today we woke to very cold weather. It was 31 when we got out of bed and it warmed to about 39 degrees by 10:30am. It’s one of those mornings when you can’t get the chill out of your bones. We made some french toast for breakfast and played games inside today.

Later in the day we went out to see a really nice home in Flagstaff. Jenn and I looked at eachother after seeing this home online and seriously though this could be the one. However, when we drove by the house we realized that the house had no yard at all. Nothing in the front of the house except trees and the backyard was a steep slope that dropped about 50 feet to a dry river bed full of weeds and dead tree branches. The overhead satellite image looked so good by the reality was anything but. We moved on with some disappointment in our hearts but, as I like to say, everything happens for a reason. There aren’t any more homes for sale so, I’ll catch back up with all of you when something new and exciting comes along.

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