Day 285 More fun in Flagstaff!

Something exciting happens everyday and today it was my turn to bring on the excitement. Jenn and I went grocery shopping and …wait for it…I locked the keys in the Jeep. Damn!

We pulled into the grocery store parking lot, turned off the car and were just taking about things for a few minutes. I didn’t realize that I left the keys in the ignition, got out to go shopping, locked the door and shut it before I realized the keys were not in my pocket. Ouch.

We call AAA and they sent a tow truck to bail us out. We went shopping while we waited and it all worked itself out. It probably cost us an extra 40 minutes of time but, it’s very stressful dealing with little things like this during the Coronavirus. I think AAA asked me 6-7 times if I’d been in contact with anyone who had the virus.

As they transfered me from the NY center to Arizona and then to Flagstaff I was asked at each step if I traveled more than 50 miles in the last 3 weeks or had any flu like symptoms. I was downright pissy by the time I finally got the dispatcher on the phone 20 minutes later.

I had to call my bank this week and had a very similar experience trying to talk with someone. If it wasn’t related to the new pay check prevention cares act, there was not getting through. It was hard to find all the normal options.

It took me 20 minutes to get a customer service rep on the phone to share that my new debt card never arrived in the mail.


I’m not one to be impatient (especially during this pandemic) but, I have to admit that everything is a little harder to do as we work through this lockdown.

We made it home safe from the supermarket and restocked the fridge. We are all happy again.

Jenn made the quickest tortilla pizza dinner for everyone, whipped herself up a quick mahi mahi dinner over a salad and we all called it a night. Jenn reads to the girls before bed every night and then usually we’re all so tired we just turn the lights out!!

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