Day 284- Monday!

So being in an RV and low on certain items like eggs (which are still being rationed in our grocery store, 2 dozen per person) made Easter Eggs something of a problem. Do I eat eggs for breakfast or color eggs with the kids? That’s a tough call when you enjoy eggs overeasy and french toast (our typical breakfast).

Caitlin decided to solve this conundrum by making Easter eggs out of paper the next day!! The paper eggs ended up looking more like fortune cookies and she filled them with coins from our change bin. Each egg had about 30 cents in it with a few that had a dollar or more. They asked me to hide the fortune cookies (paper eggs) while they took a walk with Jenn. Then we had an “easter egg” hunt in the rig. Good times, a day too late.

Better late then never. Plus, I loved the creativity and the fact that they didn’t want to let Easter pass without the annual egg hunt. I have to give it to the kids, it was a lot of fun!

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