Day 283- Easter Sunday

We woke up to gifts on our kitchen table for the kids. I guess the Easter bunny found our RV after all. We all thought that living in a moving home might make it hard for him to pinpoint our location.

The kids said that Dad and Mom are the Easter Bunny and Jenn gave it up … and was never into the whole Easter bunny bringing gifts thing… when she stated that she was glad they liked what she picked out.

I just keep reminding them how incredible the Tooth Fairy…..I mean the Easter Bunny is. It’s not working…..

On another note the Edden family arranged to meet biz Facebook messenger. Here they all are. It was really a wonderful way to spend the morning!

The day ended with the kids doing the entire Fatman’s loop with us. We were pretty psyched they had what it took. It takes over an hour and you are climbing some pretty high rocks which for little people requires a lot of energy!!

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