Day 281 Good Friday + fire pit night!

It’s Good Friday and sun is out today. It’s weird spending the Easter Season in lockdown without all the spring flowers and trips to the park, etc. I don’t even want to go to a Walgreens or CVS for Easter items with the Coronavirus hanging in the air. Someone sent me a picture of a guy all dressed in his hazmat suit with a full mask covering the entire face including a breathing tube to a backpack air tank. The line below the picture says, “I’m going shopping, do you need anything”. Lol

I think we all need a “get up” like this right now but, we can’t even find toilet paper at the store.

Jenn and I did end up at the camp store this afternoon to pick up some packages we had delivered and while there Jenn cracked a joke.. “you know you’ve been living on the road too long and you’re in lockdown when… you buy your kids Easter gifts at the camp store. Lol. We weren’t going to make a big deal but there was this outdoor game for Luke we think he’ll like and the girls have been eyeball these cute stuffed animals and we always say no! They’ll get a kick out of this on Sunday.

I’m going to remind the kids about the death and resurrection of Jesus today and keep them educated about religion and what this week means for so many people around the globe.

Whether you believe or not, I find it’s important for all of us to know about religion in order for us to be open to eachother with respect for all. This lockdown has taught me so much about coming together with others and learning how to “lean in”. None us can do this alone.

On a lighter note, my replacement “heated” water hose arrived today. As I said earlier, it very often drops below freezing at night. Without a heated hose the water hose that feeds water into our rig would freeze and burst. So, every night I need to fill our fresh water tank and disconnect the water hose. Now, with the heated hose in place, I can leave the hose connected and have one less bedtime chore to deal with.

It’s the little things in life that make all the difference.

Jenn asked if I’d make a fire tonight since the weather was so nice and we needed to break things up a little. The kids life to play with their friends on their iPads at night. It’s their way of socializing so we let them more than we ever would if we weren’t quarantined.

I then took out the cornhole set we’ve been travelling with and Jenn and I enjoyed some music by the fire while playing cornhole. It was a fun ending to our day.

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