Day 280 – It’s Thursday friends!

Just when I thought the weather was getting better, it dropped to 28 degrees last night. Thankfully it warmed up to almost 60 degrees today. Jenn and I are taking walks and doing what we can to get out and enjoy the spring air without interacting with others.

The campground was almost empty today which shows that people are finally starting to take the “stay at home” orders seriously. I think there are 8 other RV’s here today at a campground with over 60 sites. They would normally be fully booked this time of year. I’m glad to see the slowdown because it feels really weird staying in one place while so many others keep moving.

The girls got out on their bikes today and ride all over the campground. There’s nothing to fear because almost all the sites are empty and the playground is closed. They just ride around and come back after a good workout.

I hope you are all finding a way to take a walk, ride your bike or work out during this time. Many of us picked up time by not having to commute to and from an office everyday. How we use that time could redefine our lives when this lockdown passes.

I have friends that are starting new businesses, learning how to play a musical instrument, getting pumped up in their new home gyms and just partaking in self improvement across the board. I also have friends that are eating their way through this lockdown and losing their minds. I’d like to think I’m somewhere in between but, some days the mind just starts to lose it. Third cup of coffee anyone?

Until tomorrow, let’s all try to keep it together.

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