Day 278 Monday Monday Monday!

It’s March 6th and it’s still dropping below freezing every night. It’s very interesting living at 7000 feet. We love the crisp cool mornings and the warm sunny days here. It’s incredibly refreshing.

Jenn ran out grocery shopping and reloaded our refrigerator today. We don’t like to go out because of the virus so, we wait until things become dire and then buy $300 worth of food. It’s exciting restocking the cabinets and the fridge but, it’s hard to find room for everything in a Motorhome. Our cabinets are 6 inches tall by 14 inches wide. You put 3 jars of tomato sauce in the cabinet and its full. Humm?

After shopping Jenn and I hiked the Fatman’s loop again. We started doing this loop about 2 weeks ago and have slowly improved. The first time took us 1.5 hours but, yesterday we did the same loop in about 40 minutes. I’d love to say that I’m getting into superfly shape but, I think we are just getting more accustomed to living in the thin air at 7000 feet. We have a goal of reaching the summit but, we always get off to a late start and haven’t made the time to take the climb. For example we started our climb today at 6pm.

The sunset is at 6:50pm so, we barely made it back in time for nightfall. I will keep trying to get out the door sooner. I can’t wait to announce that we reached the peak.

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