Day 277- Sunday funday… at least that’s what we’re telling ourselves :-D

The stock market is all over the place, the government doesn’t know how to get more face masks and medical supplies to hospitals and I ran out of Milk for my coffee this morning. I wish I had some solid information to share here but, right now we are living day to day at a campground. This wasn’t what we intended when we left NY 9 months ago but, we have arrived at this point and there’s no going back. I can only image what the entire world is going through right now with kids home, no gyms or restaurants open and the need to continue doing work from the kitchen table. If only we had toilet paper.

With that said, we are managing to get some excercise everyday. As I mentioned in some of the previous blog post. We are hiking on Mt. Elden almost everyday. We did miss one day this week but, other than that we are all in on the trail hiking. After doing some research, I figured out that we have been climbing up about 1300 feet each day with a few exceptions where we climbed higher. The actual peak is at 9300 feet and our campground is at just under 7000 feet. So, when we reach the peak we will have hiked up 2300+ feet. I’ve never climbed that far or been that high without a ski lift or an airplane. The trails are amazingly empty and when we do run across another hiker we step off the trail 6-8 feet and let them pass. The hikers are very responsible and keep their distance at all times. Needless to say we feel really comfortable hiking.

Our campground has toilet paper again. It is limited to 1 (4 pack) per day but, that’s good enough for us and they assured us that there is enough to last a while.

The girls got out on their rollerblades today and also found the box of sidewalk chalk in our games compartment. So, there are hopscotch boxes drawn all over the campground street in front of our Motorhome. It’s only a matter of time before they rope me in.

The fun never ends here in Flagstaff.

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