Day 276- Saturday in Flagstaff

It dropped below freezing last night (again) and we woke to a crisp cold morning. As the sun comes up each day it warms up fast and, generally, it about 50 degrees out by noon. I bought an electric hose to stop our drinking water from freezing at night.

When we moved on Thursday the threads on the new hose just broke off and now I am back to using the standard water hose again. Amazon is sending a replacement but, it’s going to take a few days so, I am back to pulling in the hose every evening to avoid any frozen disasters.

Even though it is Saturday, Jenn and I spent the morning catching up on work related tasks that we hadn’t completed. We both had a few phone calls lined up with clients and it was about 9:30am by the time we got through our work and started breakfast. French toast today for the kids with eggs and toast for me.

After breakfast the girls grabbed their rollerblades and got outside for some fun. Luke and his cousin Jake were on their Playstation together (while being 2400 miles apart). Its amazing how technology brings us together. He’s definitely spending too much time on that thing but, for now we are letting it slide while all of his friends are home from school.

Jenn and I went on our furthest hike ever today. We are working towards reaching the peak of Mt. Elden which is something we need to build up to. The peak is at 9300 ft. which is a 2300 ft climb from our RV Resort. We believe it will take about 2 hours to reach the peak and climbing at that altitude is not something we have adjusted to yet. We were joking about feeling tired and then constantly remembering that we are living at 7000 ft. now. We definitely feel the altitude here in Flagstaff.

Today we made it about 1 1/2 hours up the trail and realized that we couldn’t keep going or the sun would set before we made it back down. So, we decided to get an earlier start tomorrow and bring some apples and more water. We’ll let you know how it goes tomorrow.

Here is a picture of Jenn at about 8500 ft!

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