Day 275- Move day!

Today we moved to a sunny spot in our KOA with no pine trees hanging over us which is so helpful! No only do the pine cones make a loud sound when they hit the roof but the sap that comes off them was getting on our bikes and camp chairs we had been leaving out!

As soon as we moved the kids immediately went outside. Score! Luke checked out that dirt mound-lol- and said he could kick his soccer ball up it and it would return back so he could practice his foot moves. Kids are SO resourceful!

Sydney and Caitlin took out their roller blades and blading for a bit. The paved road is right in front of us and that encouraged them to have some fun. I also nudged them to leave out the roller blades so they would be reminded we have them!

I took out our camp chairs, made lunch and decided to eat outside. Amazing what a new location will do for giving your routine an uplift! Joe and I ate lunch outside and decided to do a quick hike with the girls. They’ve been enjoying coming with us which is awesome. We’re still working on Luke. He’s such a city kid. He prefers to literally stay in the rig most days and talk with his cousin Jake and good friend Donovan.

I ran out to Whole Foods for a quick shop. I tend to do that about once/ week or twice maximum. It’s amazing how you can live off what you’ve got in your frig, freezer and pantry if you get super creative or if your family doesn’t mind eating pasta, hamburgers, rice and beans, salads, sandwiches, pizza bagels or frozen organic pizza, eggs, quiche, smoothies, fruit and nuts, tacos, cut up carrots…

Today we were also reminded by our cat sitter, Lauren, that Mr Bojangles and Max will be moving to North Carolina on Tuesday! We ordered 6 more cases of their organic food from our local vet, Dr Broderick, so she’d have plenty when she arrives. This vet is the most incredible, knowledgeable animal lover you’ll ever meet. And he makes an a organic cat food that is human grade. He believes animals would live much longer if they are better quality food void of all the chemicals and preservatives they put in standard pet food.

I couldn’t agree more! It’s basically what I teach in the Sugar Freedom Method but for animals! 😀

The night ended watching Kung Fu Panda as a family!! We’ve been enjoying movie night since we never have the TV on. Joe brought to my attention that we haven’t even put up the dish network satellite dish since we arrived in Flagstaff in March 4. Go us.

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