Day 274 Thursday

Joe and I have been working a lot lately which is tricky with the kids around and no one outside to play with!

They’re on iPads more than we’d like but we’re working on making that better by giving them ideas to play inside the rig.

Luke now has a basketball tournament he’s created with himself. Its hilarious to watch.

We talked with the builder today as well. That was exciting. Tim is his name and he’s the #1 builder in town. Our real estate agent introduced us to him. We’re exploring options on buying property and having shin build our dream house. Why not! You only live once and because taxes are so low we’re able to afford so much more house for our money. Score.

Now before you get worried for us too, we’ve been hearing tons of unwanted opinions these days on why we shouldn’t do this, we’re not building yet. We’re exploring options. It’s a wonderful thing in life to explore options. I personally think people don’t explore enough in life. They make a decision or let fear run them and then all possible options start to diminish down to 1-2. Joe and I are keeping an open mind while having some fun!

We also walked over to the camp store today and told them we wanted a site away from people who are coming and going every day. We can’t figure out where everyone is going but we’re staying put through end of April as of right now.

The KOA gave us approval to move Friday to a spot where we are in the first row so there are no rigs in front of us when we open our shades in the morning. Just trees and a dirt mound-lol-but it’s not as bad as it sounds. I told Joe I like less people around especially with this virus running rampant in our country.

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