Day 273 Wednesday

Once again we’re finding the days are blurring.

I read somewhere that April fools was cancelled because there was no trick greater than what’s going on in the country!

Honestly we’re working on maintaining sanity in such a small space and with the weather still not quite warm enough we are challenged with going out. The kids don’t live going out when they can’t play with kids. I get it!

So I decided every day I would make a point to get them outside. I rode bikes with the girls and Luke got out for fresh air and read his book outside. That was a good start!

It was a super busy day for Joe with work. All kinda of clients transitioning from work to working at home so that always makes for an interesting day in the rig.

Thank goodness we’re organized around meals otherwise the kids and Joe and I would be eating a lot worse than we are. I’m pretty stoked we add a vegetable to lunch and dinner most days.

Joe and I enjoy looking at homes for sale in the area. It gives our minds something to look forward to when this is all over! Stay tuned for more ideas we’re having on where we’d like to live!

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