Day 272- Tuesday

Tuesday was another day in the life of the Edden clan living in 40 square feet of space.

There’s nothing like being completely honest- the days are spent trying to make sense of what’s going on in the world while I continue to make my Sugar Freedom Method into a movement while Joe continues to manage his cloud base services biz!

Today was the first really warm day since we got here which was nice.

The kids and I made a pact to get out daily to exercise and either ride bikes together or go for a quick hike. No one is really around us so it makes it easy to stay away from people. And Joe and I have been hiking daily but the kids rarely want to come.

We also agreed I’d take out our camping chairs and make a point to sit outside and read every day weather permitting. The weather is so funny here it’s hard to predict if we’re going to get snowed on or we can wear a light jacket and hike!

Regardless of the weather we still love living 7000 feet up and smelling the fresh mountain air. It’s a dream come true for us!

In fact I woke up today feeling so-so and Joe reminded me “we’re living the life!” He’s right.

This new pact the kids and I made feels really good and is helping me better adjust to what’s going on in the world right now.

If you can imagine it they’ve gone a few days and haven’t left the rig. It was either too cold or they were tired and it doesn’t help that the playground is officially closed. So we can no longer just jump on the logs they have out while not touching anything!!

With that said I did a quick food shop to fill the frig and came home to make pizza bagels and watch Dodgeball. The kids find that movie absolutely hysterical and 1 year Joe and I dressed up like the characters for Halloween and that still makes them laugh. Honestly it makes all of us laugh!

Yeah that’s us!

White Goodman and Kate!

The days are starting to create a new routine around this whole quarantine issue!

Al in all we’re still feeling pretty good about our decision to stay in Flagstaff and house shop while me maintain social distancing and wait to see what the world will become when this is all behind us!

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