Day 271- Monday

It’s still dropping below freezing every night and as I said earlier, I need to fill the water tank in our RV every night and then stow the water hose until the morning so it doesn’t freeze. Well, I found out that someone invented a heated water hose that doesn’t freeze and I bought one. It showed up today and I installed it almost immediately. It plugs into a power outlet and keeps the hose warm. So, my nightly routine of pulling in the hose is over. I love technology.

Jenn and I hiked almost all the way to the summit of Mt. Elden today. We ran out of time and had to decend without reaching the top but, that will give us something to do tomorrow (or the next day). It takes about an hour to walk Fatman’s Loop and at the highest point in the loop (about 35 minute into the hike) there is a trailhead for the summit trail.

We believe it takes about 30 minutes to get to the summit from there but, we have never completed that hike to know. We hiked for about 15 minutes and realized we had to double back.

My sister Kate suggested that we do a Zoom call with the entire family and everyone was on board. So, we needed to get back in time for the start of the video/call. So, after climbing for 50 minutes straight we turned around and headed for home.

We made it back with about 5 minutes until the call, pulled out our laptop and jumped online. I love Zoom calls and it was nice to reconnect with my family. We haven’t had a group conversation like that since the holidays and it was a great experience.

After the call we got a game of Apples to Apples going in the back bedroom and everyone laughed for an hour. Sydney took us all to the cleaner’s and didn’t want her turn to end even though she won. Jenn took second place and that was when we called the game. Good times.

Luke and I shot some hoops on the little “over the bathroom door” basketball hoop we have. That ensued until bedtime another beautiful day came to an end.

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