Day 270- Sunday

The weekends just aren’t the same when you’re not supposed to explore and see new things. After 3 weeks here in Flagstaff we are beginning to feel the affects of being in lockdown.

We have played about 8 of the 12 games we have in the Motorhome and we had to go under the rig to find the bin with more games. We put all of our boots back in storage as the snow seems to have stopped for the moment. Floor space is a premium and 5 pairs of boots can’t just disappear into a closet. We don’t have any closets. Lol.

We continue to hike everyday because it is the one thing we can do for excercise that doesn’t involve seeing any other people. If we do see another hiker on the trail we always walk off to the side of the trail and let them pass at a distance. Not taking any risks here!

We keep looking at homes in Flagstaff. Most of the homes have people living in them so we don’t go in but, it nice to see the neighborhoods and view the pictures of each home from the internet.

Today we were given the combination to a new home that was just built. We went to the home, let ourselves in and toured the home with the girls. Luke did not want to join us but, asked that we video the experience. He’s almost a teenager and it’s starting to show. Lol.

The home was gorgeous and opened us up to the possibility of building our own home. With the market in flux Jenn and I both agreed that we need to wait a bit before committing to a new home and we are learning everything we can now about all of our options.

Good news, our RV resort now has toilet paper. They are limiting everyone to (1) 4 pack per day but, that solved that issue until they run out again. Oh no!

I heard all kinds of jokes about the toilet paper shortage. Talking about people sitting at home in their toilet paper forts to someone who said that they made all these incredible goals for 2020 in January and come March they are scratching their heads while wiping with coffee filters. I just can’t stop laughing.

Hopefully next month will bring back inventory on TP or we will have to move on to the napkins and tissues. I haven’t reach the point where I need to use the coffee filters yet. Honestly, having coffee might be more important.

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