Day 269- We’re thinking of buying land

The day started our chill as a typical Saturday does. I worked in the morning taking 2 Strategy Calls while Joe fed the kids and they played on iPads with their cousins.

Then we got word from our real estate agent em that there is a new house that was just built we might want to go check out. She knows our style so we figured we’d take a quick drive and see what it was all about.

This is the view from the upstairs balcony. Needless to say we love the open framework and house in general. What we didn’t love was the neighborhood so we decided to check out one more house also on a golf course not in a gated community but was family friendly.

It ended up it wasn’t a house but a piece of property on a golf course that was for sale. We loved it. And if that wasn’t enough we also loved the builder of the first house we saw and figured perhaps we buy a piece of property we love and have him build us a house. It will take about 6-7months but maybe it’s worth it if it’s your dream house!

At this stage of the game we’re having fun exploring all options while we sit and watch and wait and see what this coronavirus is going to do to the country.

We shall see…

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