Day 268- Friday

Friday is snowed…again! We’re finding that the weather here in Flagstaff is all over the place. And we’re kinda ok with that. As it was snowing, the sun came out and melted everything so when we woke up you wouldn’t even know it snowed. Kinda cool!

We had a slow day Friday. Kids did usual school work, played with friends on their iPads and we had lunch as usual.

Joe and I found a few more houses to look at so we drove around quick to take in more or Flagstaff. The thing we’re learning about ourselves after seeing so many houses is that we are picky :-D. We like what we like and we’re not into settling which is a good thing unless you’re looking for house to buy in a market where there aren’t all that many houses to choose from.

Joe and I agreed neighborhood is very important so the kids make tons of friends and can play outside. Second is the space is the house so we can spread our and enjoy our time indoors which believe it or not we do a lot of!

Sydney asked us if we’re going to stop travelling once we buy the house. We told her we’re not sure but that the coronavirus has really changed our plans and if they all want to be back in school next year we need to find a house by the Summer. It seems as though everyone except Joe is on board to alter our plans and settle down for a bit while picking our RV trip back up in the Summer months and during school breaks.

We shall see!

The night ended with us all eating a taco dinner- the family loves tacos and it’s super easy to mak- and we all watched Star Wars Episode 9…. we had watched Episodes 1-8 and Rogue 1 over the last week and a half so it was kinda fun to round out the week and see the conclusion.

Tomorrow is supposed to be below freezing so we’re all thinking it will be another chill day! We’re becoming more and more ok with that most likely like the rest of the country.

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