Day 267- Our new “normal” routine

The days are all starting to blend. We’re sure we’re not alone on this! The coronavirus is really is giving us all a run for our money and our sanity!!

I coach all morning on Thursdays which is nice. Giving back helps me not focus on the heaviness in the world right now.

The kids are finding a new routine is doing work in the morning, I’ve added a little more homeschooling work and then they play on their devices for a little longer than usual. Joe and I are ok with that for now. They’re playing mindcraft which is creative and they’re connecting with friends online which we like.

We then all eat lunch together, we either take a hike in our backyard alone or with the kids, we eat dinner as a family and then they play a little more with their friends on line before we read a book and go to bed or we watch a family movie. It just kinda works to keep us all sane so we’re ok with it for the moment.

Today we went out quick to check out a new neighborhood again. It helps us get an idea of what we want when the time is right to settle down and park Faith in our driveway for a while. 😀 Not to mention we heard that a few private RV parks have closed their doors so it’s a good idea for us to know what’s out there should our current location do the same. As of right now we’re staying out in Flagstaff through end of April!

Good thing we believe everything happens for a reason otherwise we’d all be pretty disappointed right now that our cross country trip is being paused!

We hope all our friends and family are staying safe!!

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