Day 266- Game Night!

As I said before, it drops below freezing every night here in Flagstaff. I love the weather in Flagstaff but, the Motorhome heating system uses a ton of propane to keep it warm.

In just 4 days we went through about half of our onboard propane take. This is not a small BBQ tank mind you. Our tank is about twice that size. Plus refilling the tank requires that we move the entire Rig to the propane filling tank at the campground. This is a two hour process. So, I’m trying to run the electric fireplace and heat pumps on the HVAC system as much as possible. Heat pumps don’t run when the temperature drops below freezing and the fireplace doesn’t put out enough heat to stave off the freezing temperatures outside. Motorhomes just weren’t designed for this climate. We are supposed to be following the Sun. Whoops.

We had a great morning today and after lunch we took another hike. Caitlin joined us today, which was very welcomed. Jenn and I love it when the kids want to do things with us and we enjoy the one on one time with just one child.

We have great conversations about what they love most about the trip, or just the week, and how they feel about life. We keep it light but, the subject matter that comes up is more than we expect most times.

We went to see to homes that were on the outskirts of town in the afternoon. The funny part was they were on opposite outskirts so, we drove to see one house and had a 26 minute drive to see the second home. They were both rental homes and we liked one of them. The obvious downside is the 15 minute drive to town and that if you need to go to the opposite side of town it’s more like 30 minutes each way. That’s a lot of driving but, it’s only a rental. Humm. What to do?

We ended the day with a game of LIFE and the kids had never played that game before. We had a great time playing the game and kids made us laugh as we talked about the different careers, salaries and things like how much kids cost, insurance and buying a home.

In the end Jenn won the game with Caitlin on her coat tails. I ended up buying the most expensive home, sponsored a $100k outdoor concert, my house was robbed and I paid $65k for a jockey to race my horse. I was also the last person to make it to retirement.

Thankfully, real life is treating me better. LoL.

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