Day 265- Hiking for sanity

We love hiking behind our campground. Jenn asked me today, why we should buy or rent right now? We have a hiking trail behind us, we have tranquility here in the campground, we own a beautiful Motorhome and we aren’t paying much to live right now. We both looked at each other and said SPACE. We need space for sanity.

When we were traveling every few days and seeing all these incredible places, the adventure was real and the lack of space didn’t matter. We felt like our trip was a perpetual vacation.

When you find yourself stuck in one place for over a month and the town you are in is CLOSED, it feels like you need some space to stretch out, the kids need a room (and some separation from each other).

Our kids have been better than expected but, about once or twice a day and generally right after ipad/Playstation time ends the space issue becomes a problem. If we could send them to different corners it would definitely take the edge off the stress level in the rig.

With that said we are still looking for a place to buy it rent that fits our criteria.

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