Day 264- Monday Monday Monday

We are still looking at houses and figuring out all the different neighborhoods in Flagstaff. Finding what we like by driving around.

So many neighborhoods in Flagstaff are made up of homes on small pieces of property packed together with no backyard. It seems so hard to raise kids and let them play when there is no yard to play in. One would think that in a place like Flagstaff (with so much open forest land) that homes would be built on larger plots of land but, the builders seemed to have other ideas in many of these neighborhoods.

We found a home in an area called Ponderosa Pines where the home backed up to forest land and it seemed like a real winner. When we saw the house and the neighborhood we were disappointed by the way each house seemed to almost touch the house next to it. We won’t be living in Ponderosa Pines.

We are starting to notice that the homes that are currently for sale in Flagstaff are the homes that people didn’t want. They are either large homes on lots of land, miles from downtown Flagstaff or not very good looking homes on small plots of land near the downtown area. Then there is another group of million dollar homes on golf courses. These homes are in gated communities with a portion of the community that uses their home as a vacation destination and do not live there year round.

With that said, we found one neighborhood that seems to have everything we were looking for. That is University Heights. This is a neighborhood of larger 1/2 acre to 3/4 acre plots with 3000 sq ft homes. The downsize here is that there are only 2 homes for sale in the entire neighborhood and we found out today that one of them in already in contract.

We may just wait until something we like opens up in this neighborhood.

With the Coronavirus gripping the country it might pay to wait a bit before buying but, at least we know what we like!!

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