Day 263- Happy Birthday Luke!

Our oldest kid turned 12 on Sunday!! He woke up so happy to be alive. Made us appreciate the simple things in life and that the coronavirus can’t stop everything!!

Luke didn’t ask for anything for his bday so we had to “dig deep” and figure it out on our own. We went with the no brained gift of a Kansas City Chiefs flannel blanket. He always says he’s cold and lord knows he loves the Chiefs!! You will notice he wears their sweatshirt in almost every picture we take 😀

That day was super low key. Luke has his first Cinnabon ever- pic featured above and he basically played on his PS4 while talking to his cousin Jake all day. We were ok with it.

After all the playground was closed and it was cold out!!!

Joe and I ran out for a bit to check out a few more houses to buy or rent! We don’t actually get out of the jeep so it’s more of a moving quarantine. It’s giving us a good idea of what the neighborhoods are like in relationship to downtown!!

In between the running out, we took calls from family and friends who called to sing to Luke. It was heart warming!!

It reminded us life is good!

Luke for a gift from his sister and you can never go wrong with an AppStore gift card

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