Day 261- Saturday More Snow!!

Thank goodness for the sun!! It melted the snow so Joe and I could go hiking up the mountain in our backyard and what we’re now calling our “outside gym” and sanity saver!

That was the first day we did the full loop of Fatman’s loop on Mt Eldon. That name still gets us every time we say it!!

We saw 15 deer that day. It was magnificent.

The kids stayed back as they’re enjoying the slower pace and they’re not all that much into hiking on frigid days. We don’t blame them. It gives Joe and I time to spend alone having adult conversations.

Kids are getting creative with playing games and making forts- just wait and see what’s to come… here they are playing chess.

That night Joe and I ran out to pick up some birthday supplies since Luke was turning 12 tomorrow!!!! He asked for root beer floats and he’s never had a Cinnabon so we figured it was time. He had been asking.

We’ve been going to bed kinda early to keep our immune systems strong so we didn’t do all that much that evening knowing tomorrow was going to be sugar central!!


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