Day 260- It snowed Friday!

Day 260 – So it snowed again last night and into the morning. We ended up with about 5 inches of snow when it was all over and we were thankful it wasn’t the 10 inches they were calling for. The weather channel blew the snowfall numbers way out of control.

I thought I would share a little bit of my daily routine today. One of my tasks is to make sure that everything keeps working in the rig. We have issues with the heat, hot water, broken cabinets, clogged toilets, washing machine that won’t drain, dead batteries and many other items during our journey.

Since we arrived in Flagstaff I’ve added one more item to my list. I now have to deal with the issue of having a frozen water hose. Each evening I have to disconnect my water line to the Rig so it won’t freeze up. I fill the 100 gallon onboard water tank, drain the fresh water hose and put it away in our storage compartment.

Then each morning (once the temperature rises above freezing) I pull it back out and reconnect it. It’s dropped below freezing almost ever night since we arrived in Flagstaff so, I really have no option but, to go through this procedure everyday.

It’s windy, wet and cold outside today so, we won’t be doing any hiking or walking around. We turned on movie today and just stayed inside. The kids play games while Jenn and I work on business items and continue our search for a home online.

Hopefully the sun comes back out tomorrow.

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