Day 259- TP and snow shovels

If you are listening to the news you might think the world is coming to an end but, we are still here so, I’m going to keep writing.

We got a mixture of wet snow and rain all night and it continued during the day today. I’m so surprised to see snow storm after snow storm in mid-March but, it keeps snowing. They are saying that, by tomorrow morning, we will have 6-10 inches of snow. I really hope they are wrong because I don’t even own a snow shovel. The kids are spending too much time on their iPads and it’s hard to say NO when all of their friends are home from school and they all want to play Minecraft together.

We shut it down and make sure they get the school work done for a few hours everyday and we work in “non-electronics” time when the girls doing sewing, finger knitting or latch hooking. Sometimes we pull out a boardgame or play inside sports like soccer or basketball with our size 1 balls. Today there was an especially funny moment when

Luke and his cousin Jake decided to play “HORSE” using each of their indoor (hang it over the door) basketball nets while face timing on our cell phones. They would try to setup similar distance shots and see if they could make the basket (or they pickup a letter). I think Jake won because Luke kept hitting the roof in the Motorhome. (Slight disadvantage there.) But, it was fun to watch the kids find a way to play together when they were 2500 miles apart.

No hike today, it’s too cold and wet. We stayed in and watched Starwars until bedtime. I forgot to mention that we have been sneaking in Movie night for the past few days and started watching the Starwars movies. The kids have never seen them so they are asking all kinds of questions and it’s fun to share the story with them. We watched the first 3 movies and tonight I decided to throw in “Rogue One” before they get to see the original movies (4, 5 and 6). They liked Rogue One but, were sad to see that so many characters died at the end. They will probably cry when the Ewak’s die in Return of the Jedi.

Until then we are keeping our heads up while looking for toilet paper and snow shovels.

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