Day 257- Hike day

We did 2 hikes today. One with the kids after lunch and another without the kids. The kids get about a half mile up the trail and they are finished. So, we took it easy on them and walked one of the flatter trails that traversed Mt. Elden. The high point of the hike was when we started a jack rabbit and he popped out of his hiding spot and took off deeper into the wood. The jack rabbit was white with huge ears and made all of us laugh. I don’t think I have ever seen a jack rabbit in the wild and the same was true for the whole family. It was much bigger than I expected and man can they jump and move quickly.

On our evening hike we climbed way up on the mountain, further that we have ever gone and saw incredible views of Flagstaff below.

It feel incredible being up in the trees and huge boulders. Jenn and I can’t get enough of this lifestyle.

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