Day 254 – House shopping + hiking

We went to see another house today. This one looked like a winner but, when we arrived we found it disapointing. As a family of 5 we have too many requirements on our new house. Finding anything that makes all of us happy is a real task.

(Insert from Jenn: that’s why when we found that first house and Luke has his “backyard with turf we plan to install, and Sydney could dance in the large living room and Caitlin loves the space to run around and the large tree outside to build a tree house… we were all ecstatic! Jenn would have an office, gorgeous master bedroom and dream kitchen. Joe loves the layout of the place and the 3 car garage he could convert partially into a den with room for “Faith” to park in the large driveway. We just can’t get over how the house fits ALL of our desires. Now If we can only get that price way down so we can afford it comfortably. :-D)

We left the walk through and stopped into Sprouts Farmers Market in town. I believe it is a chain store but, we’ve never seen one before. We picked up a few items, grabbed smoothies from Java Juice (next door) and headed back home to our rig.

We had hiking on the agenda for the afternoon and finally hit the trail around 3:30pm with Caitlin. The others weren’t in the mood.

(Insert from Jenn: keeping it real we’re finding the kids are arguing more than usual and I feel like I’m flying off the handle a lot. Not sure if it’s a sign that we need more space to breathe or if we need to keep moving and seeing places around the country as a reminder of why we did this trip and to be grateful. Whatever it is we’re talking as a family on a daily basis about what’s up and why we all think our attitudes are changing. It’s a cool side benefit of the trip. There is no school to send them to or office for us to go to so when we have a disagreement or weren’t not getting along we don’t just brush it off as one would typically do. We work to get to the bottom of it. For that I’m grateful. Not if only I can figure out my short temper 😀 )

We were hiking a trail system that went up Mt. Elden which was right behind our RV Resort. We had a great hike and even ran into a herd of deer along the way. It was very cool.

One thought on “Day 254 – House shopping + hiking

  1. Jen!! If that house is meant to be, it will happen. Thinking good thoughts for you. Short tempers are going around lately. I think its because of the uncertain climate that we presently living in coupled with the fact that we are problem solvers and care givers. You are an inspiration to all of us.


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