Day 253- Friday snow storm

Well, we finally got that snow storm. It wasn’t much to talk about but, we saw our first snow storm since last winter in NY. The kids went nuts and ran outside to make a snow man. It turned out looking more like an upside down ice cream cone but, they were having fun. It snowed on and off all day with sun popping out from the clouds in between snow squalls. I have a nice picture of our motorcoach covered in snow. That’s a first.

I had to install an electric heat tape around our water filtration system to prevent it from freezing up last night as the temperature dropped down into the upper 20’s. I never imaged that I would find myself in freezing temperatures (especially in Arizona) but, at 7200 ft. above sea level, Flagstaff gets cold.

One thing that I love about Flagstaff is that you can drive 30 minutes south to Sedona and its 55 degrees. If that’s not good enough, you can drive 2 hours south to Pheonix and its 75 degrees. Plus, 30 minutes North at Snowbowl ski resort you can got skiing in several feet of snow at 11,000 ft. Humphrey’s peaks is at 12,633 ft but, I don’t believe you ski at the summit (unless you want to free climb up there).

Bottom line is that you can find whatever weather you are looking for with a very short drive in any direction.

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