Day 252-Rainy day in Flagstaff

Welcome to Thursday.

It’s been raining for a few days now and I was surprised to see this much rain. I didn’t feel that Flagstaff got very much rain. So, I asked the owner of our campground about it and he said the only thing odd was that it wasn’t snowing. He said typically in early March it snows. I just shook my head, thankful that I wasn’t dealing with snow or the frozen temperatures that come along with it.

It’s been cold but, it’s been staying just above freezing all week. In between the rain drops Jenn and I snuck out to look at three more houses we found online. I’m not sure what it is about the first house you see but, Jenn and I can’t seem to find another house that feels as good as the very first house we looked at.

We were laughing about the idea of buying the first house we saw. What would our friends and family think but, we are starting to give into the idea. I keep looking everyday and we keep shutting them down one at a time. Some require a visit while others we just know we don’t even want to see in person.

One of the joys of looking at houses is getting more familiar with the city of Flagstaff. I still get lost on occasion and need to turn to google maps but, for the most part I know where everything is now.

We finished up our tour of Flagstaff with a visit to Home Depot for some heat tape (which we found) and Walmart for some RV toilet paper (which we didn’t find). It seems that the run on toilet paper associated with the Cononavirus is real (even for the RV community)

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