Day 251- Flagstaff – last day?

View from behind the wheel.

Coronavirus became a reality in all our lives today. Over 1000 cases were reported in the US and it seems that traveling bans are all around us. The president had an oval office announcement tonight and stated that the US is banning all travel from Europe until further notice and I there is constant chatter about how to live your life moving forward. With that said, we decided to change direction.

With cases of COVID-19 poping up in Las Vegas and California we decided to stay in Flagstaff for a little longer. We don’t have any immediate need to travel West and honestly, we like Flagstaff.

So, another couple of weeks here will be enjoyable. Plus, there are no cases of the Coronavirus in Flagstaff. This takes southern California off our agenda for now and we will miss seeing our California friends and family. I am hopeful that we can swing back to California in September or October and this virus will be behind us or much more normalized.

We also had to share with Luke that his cousin will not be joining us next month. It’s too much to put a 12 year old on a plane with this Virus looming. I can only image how badly hit the airline industry is right now. It feels like this hits a piece of every business in the US either directly or indirectly.

We all need to pray for our neighbors, co-workers, friends and family at this time in our lives. I don’t consider myself a very political person but, I really wish that our government could work together on this instead of pointing out our shortcomings. It seems so pointless to bicker at a time like this.

With that said, today was a good day from start to finish. The rainy weather in Flagstaff let up today and the kids got outside to play and have fun.

Jenn and I got to talk about our plans for the next few weeks. We finished up our tax returns today (Thank the good Lord that is done). And, as the day rolled to a close Luke and I snuck out for some Italian food and threw a few games at the Starlight bowling alley. Just the boys! Flagstaff has just one Bowling Alley and we found it.

The girls stayed home and watched a movie together. So, they had some fun as well. Tomorrow we have to move our RV to a new campsite where we can stay until the end of March. I think we can handle that without much issue.

I’ll be sure to let you know if anything goes wrong. LOL

One thought on “Day 251- Flagstaff – last day?

  1. You realize that the president had a travel on every country in Europe but the UK?!
    Wanna know why?
    Because all of his golf courses are there, so while everyone is suffering from fear, or the actual virus, all he cares about is making a profit.
    Sorta stupid right?



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