Day 250- Doctor Day

Today we took the kids to the dentist for cleanings. They weren’t that happy about the plan but, they agreed that it was a good idea. I found a great Pediatric Dentist in the village and setup the appointment several days ago. Everything went well and the kids left with smiles on their faces and balloons in the hands. Cool place!

Next we went to Whole Foods to restock the RV before we leave for Las Vegas. We still have one full day left here but, you just can’t wait until the last minute to fit everything in.

We also took the time to roam around Flagstaff today to see a few more homes (just driving by) and check out some of the different neighborhoods. We found out the Flagstaff has an indoor aquatic center that is beautiful and found tons of additional stores that we never knew existed in Flagstaff.

As you travel around Flagstaff you can’t help but notice that there are freight trains that roll through town about every 15 minutes. These are not 10-12 car trains. These trains are 40-50 cars long and some have as many as 9 locomotives pulling them. It’s incredible to watch them go by and I always smile when I see them because it reminds me where I am. Flagstaff has roughly 100 trains that come through town everyday so there are very few gates that comes down. Most of the intersections have overpasses or underpasses so your not constantly waiting on trains.

We made our way back to the RV around 5pm and made a great dinner. Then movie night ensued followed by bedtime. Even on days when there isn’t much planned we find that getting out of the campground and doing something helps break up the day and we all get along better with some activity in the day. That makes for more sane parents and happier kids, all of which is a huge bonus when your in 42 ft of space.

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