Day 250 Bonus

Hi everyone! It’s Luke Writing, every 50 days or after a special event I will write and I’m just going to wrap up what’s been happening lately. Between us possibly buying a house and the coronavirus. There has been a lot happening so I’m going to write about it.

First with the house, my dad has already mentioned it but this is my view. About 5 days ago we arrived in flagstaff to check out the area and to look at homes. We started looking at homes and day 1 was really nothing special. All of the houses were in a community that had no kids at all so we didn’t do that. The next day the first house we looked at was gold! It was a beautiful home, the bottom floor had a huge living room and really nice carpeting. You could walk up 4 steps to the kitchen which had a beautiful countertop and stools. They have a 3 car garage and 2 downstairs bedrooms with a bathroom. Upstairs is awesome too, there is 2 beautiful bedrooms one being the master bedroom. They have 2 bathrooms and 2 huge closets. And to top it off their is a upstairs laundry room. We are most likely buying the house and renting it out for a couple months before we move in. That’s the good news but we have some bad news with the corona virus!

As everyone knows the corona virus is all over the USA now so we have to postpone some places. Most places in California like Los Angeles where we were gonna be for my birthday next Sunday. So my dad is going to get a new campground. We also canceled Las Vegas because it’s breaking out there. And one more problem with it was that we planned about 4 months ago for my cousin to fly out and see the Grand Canyon in April but then the virus broke out so we canceled that.

Other then the virus and a couple arguments between my siblings and I the trip is going great and we are planning to end late August early September. That’s my wrap up of the recent weeks and what’s happening. I will write again soon just request it and I will definetly consider writing!

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