Day 248- Exploring Flagstaff Day 2

It was a slow Sunday and we didn’t get out of the motorcoach until about 11am. The plan for today is to see a few more houses in the Flagstaff area. We meet up with our realtor at 11:45am to start our adventure. It’s tough work trying to find a house that all 5 of us will enjoy. Jenn wants her dream kitchen, I need something that doesn’t require a lot of repair (LOL), the girls want awesome bedrooms, Luke wants a man cave. You know how it is when you are almost 12.

Speaking of which Luke’s birthday is coming up in 13 days. Oh snap!

So, we found an incredible home and we are seriously thinking about this one. Wow, that happened fast.

When looking at homes you never know how long the process will take. We are hoping to be in a new home by September or October and the process of actually buying a house, once you find the one you want, can take 2-3 months.

That being said, we decided that when we buy a new home it needs to be in neighborhood full of kids and needs to have a nice yard where they can play. The house we found fits both criteria plus a whole bunch of things that Mom and Dad want.

After looking at houses we went to the downtown area in Flagstaff to grab some lunch. It was late in the day but, we wanted to explore the town and enjoy eating at a cafe or small restaurant. After lunch we headed back to our campground to unwind. We thought about starting a campfire but, it was only 41 degrees outside so, we all agreed that it was a bad night to do that. Instead, we decided to turn on a movie and enjoyed the evening curled up on the master bed with the entire family. It’s funny that all of us fit in one bed but, we do. Haha!

Tomorrow we are planning to explore the historic downtown village of Flagstaff which is right off Route 66!

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